Masonite Sheets For Bathrooms

Over the years, masonite sheets have been used for a wide number of applications. Masonite sheets have been in production for nearly 80 years and in those years, have built up a reputation for being one of the most versatile building materials around. One thing many people have wondered about is whether using masonite sheets for bathrooms is feasible or if they should avoid using them in bathroom construction.

Bathtub Faucet Installation

Whether you’re replacing the faucets on an existing bathtub or if you need you fit the faucets onto a new one, there are some basic things you need to consider before setting about the task.

Bathtub faucet installation can be a straightforward procedure that anyone with a good DIY attitude can accomplish. However, the first task is to decide which type of faucet will fit your bathtub, then what style of faucet you want.

Faucet Access Points

Replacement Tubs

Anyone looking at replacement tubs will be astounded at the range of types, colors and materials that they’re available in. It is rarely possible to install a replacement tub on its own, rather than as a larger bathroom refurbishment or renovation project. The reason for this is simply that, with the possible exception of a totally free-standing tub any existing tub will be against a wall and have tiles meeting it.

Types of Tubs

Bathroom Lighting Basics

Bathroom Window DesignThere are several factors that make lighting for a bathroom different than other rooms. Space constraints, privacy concerns and task lighting needs are the most important. A well though out bathroom strikes a balance between natural lighting and artificial lighting but there can be challenges getting there.

Natural Lighting

Bathroom Plumbing Basics

Bathroom Plumbing ProjectWhether renovating an existing bathroom or adding one on, you need to understand the basics of home plumbing, even if you are just planning the overall project rather than doing the actual work. Avoiding problems later on, like a bathtub that takes forever to fill or a toilet that won’t flush, makes some self education in the subject worthwhile.