Modular Bathrooms

A recent trend in construction that seems to be making its way into the market is the use of modular bathrooms. These bathrooms are manufactured off-site and then transported to the designated building site, and then slotted into place.

Although it may seem like something only large-scale construction would use – in places like apartments or hotels – residential homes have begun to make use of modular bathrooms, or at least sections of modular bathroom furniture on a regular basis.

Why Modular Bathrooms?

Building a Shower Floor

Building a shower floor with ceramic tiles always begins with proper foundations. The actual foundation should consist of what is known as Wonder Board with perhaps Durock cement boards on the shower walls. You will also need a shower membrane liner actually on the floor of your shower, especially when the floor is also going to be tiles as well.

Wonder Boards and Durock

Pre-formed Shower Base Pans

Preformed Shower PanThe purpose of a shower pan is to collect water from a shower. It is designed to catch water that permeates a tile floor and direct it into the drain pipe. The so called “pan” is really an impermeable liner material fashioned under a concrete base.

Choosing Bathtubs

Bathroom BathtubsToo often, choosing bathtubs is a task that gets tossed aside casually by the bathroom renovator, and homeowners make a quick decision without really considering the consequences. Only after the tub is installed, and they step into their tub to take a bath do they realize that just a little bit of research could have avoided a bathtub purchase that doesn’t suit their needs. Bathtubs have an approximate lifespan of 50 years – so it’s worth the investment of time and money!

Bathtub Functionality and Size

How to Install A Bathtub Drain

When you are renovating or improving your bathroom and want to makeover your bathtub then you will more than likely have to install a new bathtub drain as well. A bathtub drain is obviously heavily used and subject to a lot of wear and tear, not to mention clogging. Many people leave this up to a plumber but, if you do it correctly, it need only be a simple ten minute job that you can accomplish on your own.

The Right Equipment