Damp Drywall Around a Tub

One of the most problematic areas in a bathroom is the area of drywall around that bathtub or shower because it has the potential to cause major problems in the future if not dealt with straightaway. Whether you have lived in the same house for years or have just moved into a new place, the area around the bath should definitely be checked regularly to ensure that you catch any problems that crop up in the early stages. Moisture around the tub is easy enough to prevent and resolve as long as the damage is kept to a minimum before tackling.

Correct Bathroom Vanity Height

When you are designing your very own bathroom, you will probably find that you will miss one or two things that need major consideration along the way. The first thing that you will need to consider but may not seem initially apparent is the bathroom vanity height.

Fixing a Leaky Toilet

Fixing a leaky toilet requires some detective work because the problem isn’t always that obvious. So, finding the cause of the leak means taking off the lid of the tank and going through the different working pieces and checking to see what is worn out or damaged. Surprisingly, this can be the easiest and cheapest home repair to make. Here are a few common problems that you should be able to fix yourself:

Float Arm

Leaking Bathtub Drain- What to Do

Quite probably the first thing you’ll know about a leak is seeing a damp patch on the ceiling below the bathtub; or a complaint from someone in the apartment below yours, about damp patches or even worse water dripping into their apartment.

If you suspect you’ve got a leaking bathtub drain then it needs investigating and dealing with immediately. If not, it will only get worse and could result in a lot more damage to the ceiling or floor that the bathtub is above; which in the long run will cost even more to put right.

Bathroom Projects

Did you know that there are some simple bathroom projects that you can do to add to the look and feel of this important room of the home? Just think about how often you spend time in the bathroom and all of your family members. Small bathroom projects can make a tremendous difference not only in the look of your bathroom but how functional it is for everyone in the household.

Caulking Repairs