How to Start Annual Seeds Indoors

You can save money on annuals by starting them from seeds rather than buying them in containers at the nursery. You can also easily get the exact plant you want, ordering packets of seeds from seed catalogs, which have a much wider selection of varieties than the typical nursery. It is a simple matter of germinating the seeds and tending to the seedlings.

Some good annuals for starting indoors are Statice (limonium sinuatum), Globe amaranth (gomphrena), Sweet asylum, Bell of Ireland (molucella laevis), zinnias, torch flower, bachelor’s button (centaurea cyanus) and strawflower (helichrysum).

You will need the following:

- Seed starting containers
- Soil-less seed starting mix

How to Grow Grapes

It is a fact that more people than ever before, at least in the modern world, are looking into growing their own fruit and vegetables. There are numerous reasons for this with a way of helping the environment and reducing the level of food bills being the most pressing at the moment.

Most homeowners that choose to grow their own fruit and vegetables rarely think outside the box. After all, it is easier to stick with tomatoes, apples, pears, potatoes, cabbages, carrots and other similar edible plants than go for a more daunting proposition like growing grapes. However, if you look into how to grow grapes then you will find out that growing them is just as easy.

Heating a Greenhouse

Pretty well regardless of where you live in the USA or Canada, at least at some time during the winter, you’re more than likely going to have to consider using greenhouse heaters to protect your treasured and prized plants.

Depending on the plants you keep in the greenhouse, the greenhouse heaters might only need to keep the temperature above freezing, whilst other plants may well need a certain constant minimum temperature for them to thrive later on in the growing season. Needless to say there are a range of greenhouse heaters and systems suitable to meet your requirements.

Economical Greenhouse Heaters

How to Grow Blueberries

Being one of our favorite so called super-foods, it’s little wonder so many people want to know how to grow blueberries. Blueberries are fairly enduring plant and can be grown in most parts of Canada and the USA. However, although varieties can and do thrive in the climate of southern California, the blueberry is more closely associated with the more northern states of the USA and into Canada. Indeed some areas of Maine like to consider themselves as the epicenter of all things blueberry, so many of them are grown there.

Preparing the Soil

How to Grow Watermelons

You could be forgiven for wondering whether anyone outside of very hot and sunny climates would want to know about how to grow water melons. However, providing you can be guaranteed a few weeks of reasonably warm and sunny weather and, ideally, have a greenhouse to start them off in, water melons can be quite easy to grow.

Be Realistic