Cultivation of Fig Trees

With the right care the cultivation of fig trees can be achieved in even quite hostile environments, even when temperatures can plummet down to -200C. Being quite a hardy plant, established fig trees can be grown outdoors in a planter or directly into in the earth. However, they are best at least started off in a greenhouse, especially over their first few winters. When established a garden fig tree can add an unusual shape to the plants in your garden as well as one that can provide a delicious fruit.

Beginning the Cultivation

Apple Orchard Irrigation

Somehow growing your own fruit and vegetables has become increasingly fashionable these days. Aside from being able to save homeowners a lot of money given the fact that the cost of living is continually rising, producing fruit is actually turning into quite a profitable business for some with apple orchards being the favourite.

However, whether you want grow an apple orchard for commercial purposes or for your own use, you will need the right equipment in place in order to make sure that your apples are healthy. Like apple orchard irrigation. Firstly we will look at the need for apple orchard irrigation and then how to install a good system.

Benefits of Orchard Irrigation

Irrigation System Repair

If you enjoy gardening and have your own gardens in your back yard or indeed in an area away from your home then you probably have an irrigation system in place. After all, an irrigation system is the only way to make sure that all of your flowers, vegetables, fruits and other plants get all the water and nutrients they need to be able to flourish and grow all year round.

Loamy Soil

The health of any plant is largely dependent on the condition of the soil in which it grows. Plants continuously take nutrients, oxygen and water from the soil. There are thirteen minerals that plants need from soil to grow and thrive. The type and condition of soil affects all 3 of these requirements.

Soil mainly consists of particles of sand, silt and clay. Soil particle sizes range from very fine to very coarse.

Loamy soil is considered the best for growing plants. It is a mixture of silt, sand, and clay, and the particles pack together well. The more silt in the soil, the fluffier and more crumbly it becomes, like a cake. When moist, a clump of this soil feels light and bendable, like wet clay.

Alkaline Soil Improvement

Soil pH is a test of how acidic or alkaline your soil rates. The pH scale has 14 divisions that range from 0 to 14 with 7 being the neutral point. This pH reading is similar to our ratings of heat and cold by using degrees. The pH condition of the soil will affect the quality of plant growth.

A near neutral or slightly acid soil which is between 6 and 7 is usually considered ideal for most plants. However, some plants prefer and need an acidic soil to grow well such as Blueberries. Other plants need a more alkaline soil.