Pecan Tree Care

Whether you’re starting to grow pecan trees to harvest their nuts or simply as an adornment to your garden, at some point you’ll need to find out what the best things to do in pecan tree care when planting new ones. A species of the Hickory family, the Pecan tree (Carya Illinoinensis) is the state tree of Texas and Alabama, which is not too surprising as the tree generally occurs across the south of North America and into Mexico.

Ideal Soils

Cedar Potting Shed

Potting ShedThe scent of cedar is a familiar smell. Cut cedar will continue to give off scent long after it’s been cut. Imagine the comfort of entering a cedar potting shed. It’s beautiful color and delicate grain surround you with warmth and welcoming.

It can be used for potting or tool storage but as many are finding out, it also makes a great place to go for reflecting and centering yourself. It is a place to retreat from the rain. You may begin to find it hard to leave. The unexpected intimacy that can grow between you and your cedar potting shed is surprising.

DIY Greenhouses

Careful planning before beginning construction of a backyard greenhouse is a must. You must choose the best location based on available space and sunlight. You must also determine what size you will build. There are many different materials to choose from. The floor plan must be laid out. Then you must decide whether or not you will include heating and ventilation or a watering system.

Greenhouse Materials

The most important decision that you will make in planning and building your greenhouse is the covering. The type of material that you select will directly affect the sunlight that hits your greenhouse.

How to Build a Strawberry Planter

strawberry plantersYou can build a strawberry planter from either a new or old wooden barrel or cask. A strawberry planter can be built from just about any material and to any design; however, using a wooden barrel or cask will give it a rustic charm that will sit well anywhere in your garden.

Growing Tips for Tomato Plants

Sliced TomatoTechnically a fruit, tomatoes are considered a vegetable by most people. They are the most commonly grown fruit producing plants in gardens in the United States today. Fresh vine ripened tomatoes are a delicious addition to any summer meal. By following these growing tips for tomato plants, your garden will produce a beautiful, flavorful bounty of tomatoes.