How to Build a Cold Frame

Winter Garden and Cold FramesShould you choose to have a cold frame in your garden, you’ll hopefully find the following tips and advice on how to build a cold frame useful. Having a cold frame is very useful for growing ornamental plants and vegetables from seed, not to mention growing cuttings or protecting anything that’s not a hardy plant from the excesses of winter. Building your own cold frame is one of those jobs that any DIY home enthusiast can accomplish and look back on with pride.


How Does a Greenhouse Work?

Kew Gardens ConservatoryAsk many people “how does a greenhouse work” and they’ll probably launch themselves into an explanation about Carbon Dioxide in the air and how it traps heat from the sun; and prevents any heat escaping by radiation etc. Such an explanation is, of course, about the ‘Greenhouse effect’ and global warming; rather than actually explaining how does a green house work?

Greenhouse Kit

Inside of a GreenhouseMost gardeners consider whether or not to add a greenhouse to their backyard at some point. This is a common choice for all gardeners. Whether you want to add a few weeks to your growing season in the fall or be able to start your tropical species over winter, there is a greenhouse that is right for you. A greenhouse kit might be just what you are looking for.

Choosing the Best Greenhouse

How to Grow an Apple Orchard

Fruiting Apple TreeHow to grow an apple orchard ? Well, it is a long term project and could take up to 40 years to approach maturity. Having said that, presuming you’re not looking to grow a commercial apple orchard - if you’ve a young family or grandchildren; by planting an orchard you could get all the family involved in helping with the development of it, rather than just passively watching it grow. As such it could become a real focus for family life for years to come.

Basics for How to Grow an Apple Orchard

Resin Garden Statuary

Garden Gargoyle Garden statues can add beauty and style to any garden. Whether your garden is your sanctuary, your center for social gatherings or strictly for show, you can enhance it’s character and appeal.

Statuary Mediums