How to Prune Mulberry Trees

red mulberry treeThe best time to prune a Mulberry tree is in the dormant season when there are no leaves on the tree. There are two exceptions to this. First in case of safety issues, if the tree is blocking your vision of a street sign. The second is for health reasons. There may be a diseased branch that has to be removed.

Crown Reduction

Flower Garden Soil Mix

Flowers in Gardens in Vancouver, BCOne of the keys to a beautiful garden is good soil. You can buy high-quality soil mix from a garden supply company or make your own for less, although you will still need to purchase some of the ingredients.

Lemon Tree Diseases

Lemon TreeThere are very few lemon tree problems that are life-threatening. Lemons trees are afflicted with the same diseases and pests as other citrus trees.

If you recognize the symptoms of the most common problems you can take the corrective actions to minimize their negative impact on your lemon tree’s fruit quality. Trees should be examined frequently for pests, diseases, and disorders.

Inexpensive Potting Bench Ideas

Tulips in Patio AreaThere are potting bench ideas that can suit one need or many different needs. Whether you use a plan or design the bench yourself, you can make it match your tastes. The garden is an important part of the yard. When you have a potting bench, it makes working in the garden so much easier.

You can keep all your tools by the bench and repot plants from the nursery. The best way to make a bench for the garden is with wood and other things you might have around the house or something you find at a garage sale. You can make portable or stationary potting benches.

Planting Willow Cuttings

Willow Tree CuttingsIf you want to spruce up your yard by planting willows, you can easily start planting willow cuttings so that you will have lovely willows that will grow into beautiful trees in your yard. Houses with trees in the yard have a higher market value and will let you enjoy the fresh life that trees bring to the home.

After You Get The Cuttings