Planting Magnolia Trees

Planting magnolia trees puts the homeowner in the company of many who adore this extremely popular tree. Considered a premiere landscape tree in the southern United States, magnolias – of which more than 100 cultivars exist – can be found all over the world growing in conditions with which it can exist.

Watering Sprinklers

Homeowners can take advantage of watering sprinklers to maintain a healthy and vibrant lawn. Typically when someone drives by your home there is a first impression from the look and feel of your yard. For many homeowners a lawn is a major part of the landscaping of their yards.

Tomato Aphids

As any avid gardeners will know, there are 1001 threats to every single plant, flower or vegetable planted every single ear, and the major threats vary from season to season. That is a fact of life because it is one of the laws of nature, but this information does not help if you are one of those individuals that do have problems with pests.

How to Graft Plants

Grafting a Hot Pepper PlantThe garden of any given house is often it’s crowning glory because it makes all the difference to its outward appearance. An untidy garden can make a home look sloppy and old, whereas a tidy and blooming garden can give your home a little life and beauty.

Tuscan Inspired Gardens

 Livernano, Tuscany There is something about Italy that stirs the heart and soul; making Tuscan inspired gardens a thing of beauty. Whether it is the rolling hills of Tuscany, the food of Florence, the canals of Venice, or maybe a respect for the glory of ancient Rome; people have a real love for the area and its natural wonder.