DIY Weathervane

Making a DIY weathervane is a nice project to do with your kids on a Saturday afternoon. Once it is made and painted all you need to do is add a rain gauge and you will have your own mini weather station. It can be great for a science project as well.

Materials Needed

    A long wood dowel roughly the length of a broomstick
    A pie plate or disposable baking pan (aluminum)
    A 12 inch piece of wood (a heavy ruler will work fine)

Some of the other things you will need are nails, glue, hammer, a small saw or serrated knife, wire, a metal washer and heavy scissors.


Making Hypertufa Recipe

If you’ve always wanted to try something new for your garden, but were never sure quite how to do it, the secret is fairly straightforward: you can make anything from flower troughs to garden ornaments with a simple mix of hypertufa.

Making and working with hypertufa is an art that can sometimes take a few tries to get right, which is why it’s best to start with a beginner’s recipe, such as the one outlined below. Once you get more comfortable with the product, you can start experimenting with various recipes that can be used to achieve different hypertufa looks and textures.

Toro Irrigation

In this era of worldwide conservation of resources everyone is looking for more effective ways to bring water to their yards and gardens for the homeowner and farmer alike; Toro Irrigation Products are there for big jobs and small jobs alike. Using it for Residential or for commercial will not be a problem. There are many types and varieties of Toro irrigation systems available for many applications from the yard to a field and beyond.

Using a Professional

Adding Drainage to Flower Beds

Drainage for Flower Beds Planting flower beds is not simply a matter of digging out a square piece of earth, filling it with topsoil, and planting colorful flowers. There is much more to it than that, including picking flowers that will grow in your area, planting them at the right time, and providing proper drainage so they get the right amount of water.

Trimming Arborvitaes

Arborvitaes hedge trimmedArborvitaes are fast growing, adaptable plants that are easy to grow in the crisp, cold environments of the north. They are popular with home owners who want to create hedges and windbreaks, and can take the place of built structures that may or may not be as aesthetically attractive, and that are probably more expensive.