Lumber Drying Kilns

The DIY/home enthusiast is likely to want to operate a lumber drying kiln to dry green lumber so that it can be used more quickly after being cut down. Lumber drying kilns can be used to dry wood so it can be used as firewood more quickly. However, this is really not a cost effective use of a lumber drying kiln.

Lumber kilns are also used commercially to produce charcoal; however, again to produce a small amount of charcoal for personal use there are quicker and cheaper methods than operating a lumber kiln. So, if you’re thinking of using a lumber drying kiln for lumber to do woodwork with, here are some pointers you need to be aware of when operating lumber kilns.

Wood Stain Types

dark staining oak floorsWood stains change the color and appearance of unfinished wood. They can accentuate the wood’s natural grain pattern to bring out its inherent beauty, or let you match the wood more closely to the other woods in your home interior scheme in order to blend better. Here is a rundown of the different types of wood stain.

Making Rabbets

Rabbet DiagramRebates are open sided grooves cut on the edge of a workpiece, as shown in the picture here. They are also known as rabbets. Depending on the size of the work, the woodworking technique for making the rebate varies.

Very small rebates are made using a side rebate plane tool. These have two blades, one on each edge, so that the tool can be used from right to left or left to right. The tool allows you to trim both sides of a groove when working from only one end of the piece to accommodate the grain direction of the wood. It also includes a depth gauge which acts as a guide to maintain the base of the rebate at right angles to the wall surface.

Penetrating Oil Finish

If you have a lot of wood in your home then you may be well aware of the fact that it can get a little heavy after a while. Having the same tone of wood throughout your home can get incredibly boring and do absolutely nothing for its appeal to either you or others.

You also need to be aware of how it is used and how prone to wear it is because water, stains and heavy use can cause damage over a sustained period of time. There is one way that you can kill two birds with one stone though. You can make your wooden interiors and furniture more interesting and more prone to standing the test of time with a penetrating oil finish.

How to Cut Dovetail Joints

Dovetail JointDovetail joints were probably among the first types of joints ever used by human craftsmen to hold pieces of wood together securely. The use of dovetail joints for furniture making can be dated all the way back to First Dynasty of Ancient Egypt where dovetailed furniture has been found entombed with mummies.