The Top Woodworking Power Tools

Whether you're a part-time home handyman or a fully professional tradesman, owning and using the right tools for the job is essential. It's so frustrating to begin a task and either not have the correct tool or to find that it's in need of repair. It means starting over or not finishing the job at all. Woodworking power tools are found in the arsenal of many a home handyman.

Reciprocating Saw Tips

Reciprocating Saw on StairsYou may have heard of a saber saw, a recipro saw or even the brand name "Sawzall", but those terms all mean the same thing: Reciprocating saw. A reciprocating saw is a hand-held power saw, and in some ways, it's a portable jigsaw. The body of the saw resembles any other power tool, and the tool has a comfortable grip for working on vertical surfaces. There is a foot at the base of the saw blade to help keep the blade steady and deter it from kicking back while you cut.

What is a Reciprocating Saw used for?

Crown Molding Tips

When undertaking the final touches that will embellish your home and bring it all together for the look you are aiming for, installing crown molding is no small feat. Sure, it looks easy to install and can break up plain, bland rooms, but there is more to cutting the lengths into the sections you need and tacking them up with finishing nails. These crown molding tips will help make sure the task does not drive you crazy.

Choosing Crown Molding

Common Router Bit Types

Your workshop is filled with plenty of tools to make working on projects easier. One of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can own, especially if you do a lot of wood working, would be a router. Having a router and a few of the more common router bit types makes it a breeze to cut intricate curves and circles, plane wood, create smooth edges, or make many copies of the same shape from a simple pattern.

Top of the line routers are fine, but that high-quality router comes out to nothing if you do not have some common router bit types that are good enough to create a nice, clean cut. The router is the mechanical means to an end, the engine and gears that turn the bit.

Wood Working Tools for Beginners

table saw wood working toolIn the grand scheme of things, not all woodworking tools are created equal. The thing to remember is that different wood working tools will accomplish different things. All wood workers do not need the same set of tools just as all athletes will wear the same style of shoes. If you know the type of woodworking you will be doing or that you are primarily interested in it will help greatly reduce your selection of tools among the masses.