Refinishing Pine Stairs

Refinishing pine stairs might at first seem difficult, especially when individual steps are intricately designed with hard to reach crevasses, corners, or molding. But ask any professional refinisher and he or she will tell you that the best approach to refinishing pine stairs is one step at a time. Literally. That's because attempting to finish such a large-scale project in one session is one way to guarantee drips, spots, or worse, sags.

The Importance of Sanding

Compound Miter Saws: What Features to Look For

Miter saws are used for crosscutting long stock, cutting picture frame molding and crown molding and rapidly cutting lots of boards to the same length. They have an electric motor mounted on a swing arm. The arm pivots to the left or right to make angled cuts (also called miter cuts). Miter saws are quick and cut at angles with dependable accuracy. In a lot of woodworking shops nowadays, the miter saw has taken the place of the radial arm saw.

Ideas for Wood Molding

There are several great reasons, and at least ten great uses, for wood molding in the home. Wood molding can increase the price point of your home. Because any type of wood molding makes your home a unique and individual home, when you go to resell your home, consumers will place more value on property that looks different from others. Real estate professionals can tell you that good wood moldings are something potential buyers not only notice, it is something they will close a sale over.

Different Types of Hammers

Although the hammer is one of the simplest tools, consisting of a handle and a head, there is nonetheless a great variety of sizes, styles, and functionalities. For basic home repairs, which ones should you have handy? Read on to find out!

Knock these off the list

Installing Crown Molding

installing crown moldingAlthough crown molding isn’t typically considered a do-it-yourself kind of project, the truth is that just like anything else you learn to do when it comes to renovations, it’s going to get easier each time you try it. Yes, do it yourself crown molding is difficult and tricky, but you’ll never learn if you don’t at least make an attempt.

Before You Install