Boring Holes with a Drill Press

The most commonly done operation on a drill press is making holes; it is fast, precise and simple to use, making it one of the most used power tools in a woodworking shop. Many types of bits are available for drill presses.

To bore a through hole, first, install the diameter size bit you need, ensuring it is in good condition and centered in the chuck. If you need a well finished hole on the far side of the work piece, place a backup block under it.

• Mark the hole location with a penciled crosshair.
• Locate the work piece so that the drill bit aligns with the hole location.

Tips on Staining Furniture

Before anything else when staining furniture, it is important you thoroughly prepare the surface to be stained before applying any stain. The furniture's wood needs to be clean, smooth and ideally free of any blemishes before you apply the stain. If you were to stain the wood first and then try to smooth the surface or clean it, you will invariably cause patches of color variation in the stained surface.

Preparing the Surface

Bending a Circular Stair Handrail

Bending a circular stair handrail, or indeed producing any curve with lengths of wood, can be a difficult job to do - if you don’t know how to properly carry out dry or wet bending techniques. These techniques allow you to produce elaborate curvilinear shapes that have structural integrity, making them suitable for use as stair handrails. Dry and wet timber bending techniques produce curves with the timber grain running with the curve, rather than across it, to give the bent wood its strength.

Dry Bending

Wood Grain Filler

A wood grain filler is a paste or liquid used for filling in the holes on open-grained wood before layers of traditional wood finish are applied. It smoothes the surface and provides a good base for wood finishes.

Softwood does not require wood grain filler. Hardwoods can be open or closed grained and this distinction will predict whether or not it will need wood grain filler in order to produce a desired finish to the wood.

Open Grained Woods versus Closed Grain Woods

Using a Pin Router

Dovetail JointUsing a pin router can make woodcarving operations a lot easier, a lot faster and a lot more precise. An over arm pin router operates with the rotating bit above the work piece instead of below it. This allows you to see the cutting at all times, unlike typical router tables that do the cutting on the underside.