Sandpapering Tips

Sandpaper is an abrasive-coated flexible sheet used in woodworking for giving a fine or rough finish to individual work pieces, large surfaces such as flooring, or smaller local areas such as a sticky window frame. They are used both by hand and in power tools, and are available in a number of different materials.

Cutting Moulding the Right Way

It has been declared that cutting moulding and installing the pieces can be one of the most difficult home improvement tasks that a homeowner can undertake. Many homeowners have thrown up their hands in despair and declared that they will never undertake a project involving moulding again because of the frustrations that they have faced. There is help for these individuals because there are easier ways to complete the project and take the hassle out of cutting crown molding.

Types of Woodworking Planes

Rockler/Groz Hand PlanesA plane is a woodworking tool used for leveling or adjusting a flat surface, or plane, of a piece of wood, hence the name. Planes have a long history as woodworking tools, going all the way back to the first century, when the Romans used them in building and carpentry.

Woodshop Exhaust System

Everyone these days knows what a safety hazard fine dust particles can be to the human respiratory system and so a woodshop exhaust system is the best way to combat this risk. In a woodshop you may also have fumes from various solvents and stains as well. None of these are good for you to breathe in so an exhaust system is needed. You should wear dust masks even if there is a good woodshop exhaust system.

Planning the System

How to Use a Coping Saw

Coping Molding JointsCoping saws are used to make curvilinear cuts in wood, laminates or plastic. The hardened steel blade is quite narrow, with fine teeth pitched at 14 to the inch. It is mounted on a C-shaped metal frame, with a wooden handle. The saw's handle is in line with the blade, like a Japanese saw, and the saw is designed to cut on the pull stroke, rather than the push.