How to Stain Maple

Maple is very light colored; it is an almost white hardwood. It is difficult to try to put a dark stain on it because it isn’t very stain friendly due to being hard wood it will most likely turn blotchy from the uneven way the wood lays naturally. You might get decent results with a sprayer but not every do it yourselfer has spray equipment. I am assuming this is unfinished maple, something that has never had a finish of any kind put on it.

Stains for Maple

Working with Routers

Routers are powered by electric motors of high speed, from about 18,000 to 30,000 rpm. They have a collet which can accomodate many different types of bits. A partial list of bits and the cuts that can be made would include:

  • Straight Double-Flute Bit: dadoes, grooves and general stock removal
  • Straight Stagger Tooth Bit: plunge-cut dadoes, slots. grooves

Cutting Angles for Crown Molding

One of the jobs I least like doing in DIY is cutting interior and exterior angles on crown moldings. It really is one of those jobs that the more experience you have at it the easier it becomes, which is why many DIY enthusiasts have problems cutting angles for crown molding; we simply don’t do it very often and never get that ‘feel’ for it.

Tools for the Job

How to Bend Wood Molding

Wood molding does not always go along a straight wall or on a straight frame. At times it must follow a predetermined curve or radius. It might be the railing on a circular staircase or an ornamental mirror. In any of these situations, the wood must be permanently bent to allow for the wood to retain its shape.

Woodworking Router Accessories

There are many different types of woodworking router accessories available on the market today. Woodworking is an exciting hobby and skill to acquire. Having just the right accessories can make projects easier and more fun. Below are some woodworking router accessories that you might find useful.

Magnetic Featherboard