Table Saw Stand

If you have a table saw, and particularly if you have a table top table saw, you must have a table saw stand. Of course you can do all your cutting on the floor but that will become old hat in just about five minutes. The easy solution is to get your self a table saw stand.

How to Install Corner Molding

Corner molding is a type of decorative wood piece that matches your horizontal molding. You will usually see it on the upper part of the wall in the corners or the room. The horizontal molding, usually at the juncture of the wall and the ceiling dead end into it. The corner molding serves to provide a visual “flow” around the perimeter of the room.

Another type of corner molding runs vertically on a wall corner. Its purpose is to cap the corner. This is particularly useful when the right and left side of the wall have different finishes.

Hitachi Table Saw

Hitachi has been in the power tool market for a while now and has only gotten better with experience. The power tool market is extremely competitive and in order to be successful, a manufacturer has to build up brand loyalty since craftsmen, both DIY'ers and seasoned pros tend to stick with their favorites. The Hitachi table saw has both its loyalists and detractors but it is getting buzz and that is what drives business.

Hitachi's Newest Offering

Wood Working Table Saw Tips

A wood working table saw is an essential tool for all woodworkers. It is so important to woodworking that the purchase of a wood working table saw should be made before the other woodworking tools. There are different things to consider when purchasing a wood working table saw. Below are a few handy tips.

Importance of a Wood Working Table Saw

A wood working table saw is essentially the basic centerpiece of any wood crafter’s workshop. The wood working table saw is extremely versatile piece of equipment to have.

Using a Router in Woodworking

Using a router in woodworking to shape edges of stock or mortises for door hinges may seem straightforward and simple. However, using power tools takes proper care and nothing should be taken for granted. Safety using a router in woodworking should always be at the forefront of any carpenter’s mind whether he or she is a novice or a pro.

Basic Safety Rules

Properly preparing your material and work area before using a router in woodworking is an important preventative safety measure. Make sure the material you’ll be cutting is tightly secured in a vice or clamp.