End Pieces for Baseboard Molding

The best way to join your baseboard molding in the corners is to cut a coped joint. This is a joint where one of the pieces is cut to be squared and the other is cut to fit over it creating a tight uniformed look. Below you will find steps to helping you with this project.


    • Do not twist the coping blade to follow your base line drawing. Keep the cuts simple and remove one small piece then another to follow the curved lines.

    • Use an extra piece of trim to practice on first.

Table Saw Extension Tips

There are many accessories that you can acquire for your table saw in order to make it more versatile, safe, powerful, accurate, or convenient. One such accessory is the table saw extension. What this accomplishes is, as you might imagine from the name, extends the capability of your saw. Specifically, it extends the real estate on the table surface allowing you to work with larger pieces of stock. More specifically, this is an aid when crosscutting lumber or sawing sheets of plywood or similar material.

The Benchtop Table Saw

It has been roughly two hundred years ago, more or less, when the carpenter and the cabinetmaker’s craft of woodworking took a bold new turn. Rather than sawing wood using a straight line of teeth that ground back and forth, the circular saw blade was invented and the rest, as they say, is history. Cutting stock was now continuous and faster than anyone had ever seen. The (simi) modern table saw had been born.

Truth be told, the first “table” circular saws happened to be a little gargantuan when you compare them to the standard home-shop table saws to be found on the current market these days.

Table Saw Splitters

A table saw splitter is a very important component for a table saw and it ensures safely while carrying out its operation. It can be extremely dangerous if used without a saw splitter and in severe cases it can also cause death.

The safest way to use a table saw is to use it together with a splitter and a table saw blade guard. The function of the blade guard is to mark a harmless region about the blade, which keeps the user’s fingers in the opposite side of the guard, out of the blade’s way.

The Functions of a Splitter

Bosch Table Saw

The industry of portable table saws has gone through vast improvements and now they are able to design lightweight saw models that are packed with greater power, stability and improved features that have amplified their operation. Unlike their predecessors that used to suffer from instability, inaccuracy and weaknesses, the new generation of table saws provide better performance and user-friendly features. The newly designed Bosch Table Saw is known as the Bosch 4000 Worksite table saw.