Home Security

Ways to Make Your House More Secure

With crimes like burglaries and home invasions on the rise across the nation, it is not surprising that home security is a major concern to everyone. Fortunately, there are many ways to make your house more secure so that if you live alone, travel, or even if you simply want to feel safer, things exist that you can do to accomplish this.

Windows and Doors

The first thing you should check before leaving on vacation or whenever the desire to make your house more secure spurs you to take action are that your doors and windows, all of them, lock securely. Loose or missing locks should be replaced and if you do not have one already, dead-bolt locks should be installed on both front and back doors.

Low Voltage Motion Sensors

Low voltage motion sensors are a convenient and inexpensive method of providing outdoor security for many homeowners. Many come pre-wired and pre-assembled, ready to simply plug in and go. One of the most popular ways these devices are used is with a light fixture.

When objects move within an area of which the sensor is able to detect, the light automatically switches to on. As long as there is motion, the light stays on. After a pre-set number of minutes in which movement is no longer occurring, the light then switches back off.

Adjusting the Angle

Photoelectric Smoke Detector

Even schoolchildren know the importance of installing a fire alarm, but many adults are oblivious to the fact that a smoke detector is just as essential. The leading cause of mortality in house fires is caused by smoke inhalation, and not by the flames themselves, and a smoke detector can often detect a house fire sooner than a fire alarm. Photoelectric smoke detectors are the highest quality smoke detectors on the market, and they combine state of the art smoke detection with easy maintenance.

Wholesale Burglar Alarm

Most places that sell a wholesale burglar alarm do so only to those in the business of reselling them: distributors, retailers, and other security businesses. But there are a few places online where one can go to get, if not a wholesale burglar alarm, at least one near wholesale-priced. You just have to know where they are.

Brinks Home Security offers peace of mind

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