Installing Ceramic Tile on your Porch

So your front or back porch needs a facelift? A great idea is to install ceramic tile on your porch to get that look and feel that it needs. Tile is easy to maintain and is cool on the feet in the summer when the thermometer starts inching skywards.

Framing a Roof on your Porch

So you’ve got a nice porch and you want to frame a roof on your porch it to protect it from the elements and add to its usefulness so that you can enjoy it no matter what the weather. Be advised that if you have never cut a roof before it is not the easiest project to undertake but is quite doable with a basic knowledge of carpentry and the right tools.

As far as tools go, you will need a hammer or nail gun, a set of sawhorses, a skill or miter saw, a framing square, a ladder or scaffold, and a tape measure.

The General Look

Indoor Porch Furniture

 Indoor Porch Furniture DecoratingIf you’re fortunate enough to have an indoor or enclosed porch attached to your home, you’re going to want to make the most of this space – after all, when visitors come to your home, the first thing they’re going to see is your indoor porch furniture and how it’s arranged. This outdoor/indoor living space can be as versatile as you choose to make it, depending on what kind of atmosphere you create with your porch furniture.

Indoor Porch Living Space

Porch Renovation

It’s time for a porch renovation when yours starts to let the entire appearance of your home down. Being tacked on to the exterior of the house, the porch is a focal point because it opens the way for entry into the home and can either welcome or repel those who would like to visit. Even for the occupants, a ratty old porch can make home sweet home far less sweet.

Stand out on the street and take a good long look at your porch. Is the porch roof hanging crookedly or sagging? Are the steps in danger of collapsing beneath someone’s feet? Do the railings look like they wouldn’t stand up to anyone leaning on them?

Backyard Porches Summer Retreats

furniture on backyard porchesIf you browse in any furniture store or on the Internet, you will find a whole host of backyard porches that you cannot help staring at. Just the look of the gorgeous porch furniture, the blue skies and the laughing models are enough to drive you mad with longing. Backyard porches seem like the ideal summer retreat.