How to Build a Porch Swing

Many homeowners find a great sense of satisfaction when they build things themselves. Though there are more ready-made home improvement items on the market than ever before, there is something to be said for taking the time to gather material, following a plan, and methodically crafting the latest addition to your home. Learning how to build a porch swing is one of those projects. Lazy summer afternoons are yours to be had as you sit in the shade of your front porch and enjoy the cathartic motion of the porch swing that you built yourself.

Where to Start

Screened Porch Ideas

There are a number of screened porch ideas that you can utilize to enhance the living space available in your home. Whether you already have a porch area and are looking to improve it, or if you are planning to build a new space from scratch, take the time to consider how you want the room to function. This step will help you decide how to best design the room and decide which features you want to incorporate.

Play Area

Canopy Porch Swings

There are several reasons why canopy porch swings are growing in popularity. They provide two main functional benefits. The first is shade. A porch swing is a much more comfortable place to spend a lazy afternoon if the sun isn’t beating down on your head.

The other benefit that is provided by the shade is that the swing lasts longer. The UV rays of the sun can be brutal to the material that makes up your swing. The canopy shade will help to slow down this process drastically.


Canvas is the material most commonly used to make canopy porch swings. By using this material, manufacturers are able to keep costs low, yet have the ability to create colorful canopies that can fit well with the décor of your yard space.

Porch Furniture Plans

Porches have gotten increasingly more elaborate over the last few years. Porches may be enclosed, screened in, or left to the open air. Porches are also home to sturdy, practical furniture that will not weather too easily.

By finding porch furniture plans, it is possible to make your own porch furniture that will withstand the elements and the test of time. And while porch furniture at one time consisted only of a porch swing, today there are many, many different types and styles of porch furniture available on the market. And this variety of choice extends to the plans available.

Types of Furniture

Porch Framing Details

With more people wanting a porch to enjoy on mild days, more homeowners are installing porches on homes that were not originally built with them. The biggest part of building a porch is doing the framing. Porch framing details can make the job complicated, but it is still a task that can be completed without a professional builder if you make an effective plan.

Before beginning the framing, figure out the details before any lumber is purchased. This will include coming up with a plan that details the shape and size of the porch, as well as it’s height off the ground.