How to Screen a Porch

A front or back porch on a house has always been an area for entertaining, relaxing, and for enjoying the outdoors. Using the existing porch area, it is possible to turn a porch into a room that can be used much like the rooms inside the house. This gives a homeowner extra room as well as providing a special place to enjoy the weather. If the porch has already been built, screening any and is its relatively small job.

What You Will Need

Screened Porch Building Plans

Screened porches are a popular haven from both a hectic household and the more hectic world outside the house. Screened porches are typically constructed of two or three walls of screens, and one wall belonging to the main house. A screened in porch may be built from scratch where there was no porch before, or existing porch can have screened walls constructed around it. Whichever one is best for the house, screened porch building plans are a must before any work is done.

Deciding What You Want in a Porch

Porch Roof Plans

Porch roofs may be separate from the roofing of the main house, or it may be an extension of that roof. Whichever style roof is being used, the porch roof design has a major impact on the look of the house. Porch roof plans that call for a roof that will compliment the main roof is a must in order to have a harmonious design.

Choosing a Plan

Screened in Porch Designs

Screened in porches are increasingly a way to escape to the outdoors without being bitten by mosquitoes or getting a sunburn in the process. Screened in porch designs are increasingly varied as they gain in popularity. Designing this screened in room means taking several factors into consideration, such as the time of day it is likely to be used, the effects inclement weather may have on it, and how well it goes with the design of the rest of the house.

Size and Shape of the Porch

Porch Enclosure Materials

Porch enclosures are becoming more and more popular as the prices for them fall. Once in the realm of the upper classes, a porch enclosure is now attainable by most homeowners. The fall in prices is largely due to porch enclosure materials, which are often pre-manufactured in bulk.

A whole industry has sprung up around building porch enclosures, making the pre-fab designs cheap with a quick installation time. But, porch enclosures don’t have to rely only on one material or style. There are many ways to enclose a porch.

Choosing Functional Materials