Porch Roofing Options

Porches are an important part of a home. A welcoming porch provides curb appeal to the home and a place to relax outdoors. The porch is also the first portion of the house that visitors will see. When the porch is built on to the home, the porch roofing options should not be forgotten. The roof of the porch lends a lot of character to a home. The porch roof should mesh with the style of the rest of the house.

Roofing Styles for Porches

A front porch is usually built attached to the front of a home, though it may be on the back or on the sides. A porch will have a roof of its own apart from the roof of the house. Porch roofing options include a hip roof, or one that slopes on either side and in the front.

Enclosed Porch Plans

Enclosed porches were once only the domain of the wealthy. These enclosures were excellent places to entertain large parties outdoors, even in inclement weather. Now, it is not unusual for a home of any price range to have an enclosed porch. They are not only a great place entertaining, but can provide a family with a nice place to enjoy the outdoors on a regular basis. They can also provide extra space to a small home.

Enclosed porch plans are readily available to homeowners, who may wish to build the enclosure themselves or to give the plans to a contractor who will do the bulk of the work. Plans are available in plan books, and home improvement stores, and they can also be found online.

Decorations for a Front Porch

The front porch is a great way to escape the confines of a house and relax outdoors. Front porches usually don’t have as much décor as any room inside the house, but there are many decorations for a front porch that can make it an even more relaxing place to be. It also adds curb appeal to a house and provides an inviting point of entry for visitors.

Porch Furniture

Porch furniture pieces are decorative items that serve a useful function. Many people enjoy having a porch swing, either free standing or attached to the porch ceiling. Another variation is the porch rocking chair. These items, just as any furniture that will be kept outdoors, should be made of something that will withstand the elements.

Screened Porch Projects

A screened in porch is a like an empty canvas for a creative home improvement enthusiast. Most screened porch projects are simple enough to be completed in a few hours. Yet, they can do quite a bit to enhance the living space. the addition of a wall bench, a shallow wrap around ledge, or even the addition of some furniture all make the screened porch a place where you will want to spend the majority of your warm weather time.

Adding Shelving

Porch Building Materials

At first glance, it may not seem as though a lot of thought needs to go into what materials to use when building a porch. Recent advancements in the building trades though, leave 21st century consumer with quite a few decisions to make when they are selecting their porch building materials. Every item from lumber to hardware is now available in a bigger, better, newer, more eco-friendly or longer lasting version. Here’s a breakdown on what’s new.

Porch Decking

The actual material that you will use to build the floor of your porch is called the decking. Of all the changes that have been wrought in materials industry in recent years, none has seen greater advancements than the market for decking.