Patio and Porch Building Designs

When considering the options for your backyard living space, the only real limit is your imagination. Whether you want to construct a simple porch, an elegant wooden deck, or a completely enclosed sunroom, you will want to make sure that you consider all of the possibilities before you begin. Planning is the most important step in the entire process.

Decide on a Style

There are pros and cons to consider with each of the possibilities. An open deck is completely exposed to the elements and will allow you to enjoy the sun. Unfortunately, it will also allow you to enjoy the rain, since there is no roof. A more practical approach may be a porch space that has a roof.

Open Air Sunroom

Open air sunrooms are a blessing in warm weather. They provide some extra living space that just can't be duplicated by decks or patios. They protect you from the sun and rain. However, when the weather turns cold a sunroom loses nearly all its appeal. It becomes dormant real estate that doesn't get much use until things warm up again. In some areas of the country this can take nearly six months, which is a long time for something that costs so much to be out of commission.

Furniture for a Porch

Furniture for a porch has certainly changed over the years and we certainly have long progressed from ugly lawn fold-up chairs! If you have a negative impression of furniture for a porch, take a second look at what's being offered today - you just might be surprised!

Smart Way to Decorate Outdoors

Your porch can be an extension of your home's interior if you're careful to select the right furniture for it. In fact, furniture for a porch can reflect your preference for outdoor enjoyment with the comforts of indoor living. After all, your outdoor furnishings should allow you to experience the outdoors in just as much comfort as you would experience a televised football game in the den.

Exterior Shades For Porches

A porch enables living space to extend outdoors, enabling a wider range of activities and a greater enjoyment of lifestyle. But without shade, a porch is not practical for those days when the sun beats down and makes it uncomfortable to sit for more than a few minutes. Adding shade makes the environment much more versatile.

The various exterior shades for porches on the market today provide protection from the sun and a shady spot to enjoy a tall, cool drink. A leisurely breakfast or an early afternoon barbecue are perfect excuses to take advantage of exterior shades for porches and the more the homeowner uses the area, the more wise was his investment to add the covering. Following are four of the most popular choices currently on offer.

Shade Sails

Porch Swing

The porch swing was a common site in Victorian era homes, known for their large porches. Due to the increasing popularity of porches in recent years, the porch swing is coming back. What better way is there to relax after a long day than gently swaying in a porch swing and chatting with neighbors as they pass by?


The average porch swing is made from wicker or wood, though metal swings can also be found. Because they age well, teak and cedar are the best woods for a porch swing. However, a porch swing made from other woods will last longer it is painted or if it sits in a section of the porch protected from the elements.