Teak Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is not just an accessory to make your porch or backyard comfy; it is where one spends a great amount of time in the spring and summer. And for those who have great weather all year long, patio furniture is as important to furnish as any other room.

Teak Patio Furniture

Teak patio furniture is currently fashionable with people who care about the quality and not quantity. This elegant and lasting wood grows mostly in Burma, Indonesia and other exotic locations. According to history, Egypt was one of the first countries to use woven wicker furniture; however, with time the whole world recognized the beauty and grace of wood furniture.

Teak is one of the most valuable woods used for furniture today, because it is a very hard wood that resists well to winds, pests, humidity, and other such conditions that a normal wood faces in its lifetime.

A good example of teak durability is the extensive use of teakwood in marine locations, such as decks. This clearly proves that teak patio furniture can suffer being left outside even in harsh conditions and still look great in the spring/summer time.

Here are some of teak patio furniture qualities:

    Extremely durable
    Light and convenient
    Easy to maintain; weather well to a beautiful silver-gray

Making Teak Patio Furniture Last

Teak does not splinter but it may develop small cracks with time; due to its high content of natural oils it will not have deep structural cracks, but its oils do not create a great surface sheen. You may consider treating it if you plan to leave it out in the winter or during bad weather.

Another thing to remember is to try and avoid spilling any food or drinks on it; however, if this should this happen, as it does at times when one has barbeques or parties, do not use common detergents to clean it. You can use sand paper to scrape away the stain and then re-polish it or just leave it as is and it will fade away with time. Before treating your teak patio furniture make sure is clean in order to avoid trapping any dirt or stain herewith.

Teak patio furniture will bring you great pride and joy all year round; in fact, you may choose to leave it out for those winter months just so your neighbors and visitors can appreciate and envy you. Teak furniture of any kind does not come cheap, but it comes with satisfaction guaranteed for a lifetime.

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