Teen Bedding - Individual as Your Teen

When buying sheets, comforters, and pillows for your children’s rooms, you will want to check out all the interesting options in teen bedding.

Current stylish looks in teen bedding include bold retro florals, animal prints, and black and white designs. Retro designs might pair retro stripes and geometrics with wild floral prints similar to those from the 1960′s. Fabrics for teen bedding come in a variety of textures, from soft velours to corduroy to shiny satins.

Teens, especially girls, love pillows on their beds. Decorative pillows that match teen bedding include squishy neon colored pillows and flower power shaped fake furs. Some popular colors include hot pink, hot orange, and neon green.

For boys, black and white geometric patterns and animal print fake fur throw pillows are appreciated. A modern fabric used in teen bedding is soft fleece. Throws, blankets and pillows of acrylic fleece are snuggly and brightly colored.

Updating Old Bedding

If a teen has outgrown his or her bedroom, there are ways to update a childish look. Outfitting the bed with new teen bedding is one of the easiest moves. A bright coat of paint on the walls will complement that new teen bedding. If the furniture itself is looking outdated, it too can be dressed up with a bright new coat of paint.

If the budget is stretched and new teen bedding is out of the question, old comforters can be dressed up with a home made duvet cover. A duvet cover is like a pillowcase for a comforter. One can be made simply by sewing around three sides of two flat sheets. Ribbon ties can be added to the open side for interest and for a closure.

Teen girls sometimes still like the frills of a canopy bed, so feminine looks work for teen bedding, too, but it depends on the teen involved. She might like the canopy bed dressed in hot new colors, with netting curtains for privacy.

Some color combinations that a teen might like are pink with chocolate, or lime green with purple. Boys and some girls might like black teen bedding articles, and some even want black walls. When paired with bright white on the ceiling and trim, black walls are not the end of the world. When possible, it’s important to let teens have a say when choosing teen bedding.

Photo by crazytales562, Creative Commons Attribution License