Termite Control

As anyone who has ever had to deal with them know, termites are tricky little critters, and trying to keep them under control can be quite a problem. However, with some basic preparations, you can go some way to keeping termites at bay. Effective termite control requires a two pronged approach: prevention and cure. In this article, we'll look at some of the ways in which you can get rid of those termites, and avoid their associated problems.

Why tackle termites?

Everyone knows that termites are problematic, but why? Every year, termites cause literally millions of dollars worth of structural damage. Because they feed largely on wood, they like nothing more than to nibble through structural supports and wooden beams.

As I'm sure you can appreciate, this can be a worrying and distressing problem, and something which has to be eradicated as soon as possible. Additionally, an infestation can seriously affect the value of your home, so it is in your best financial interests to sort the problem as soon as possible, and keep on top of termite control.

The First Prong of Attack is Prevention

The first steps you should take towards preventing a full-blown termite infestation involve regularly maintaining your structure and inspecting for signs of termites. Prevention is the most effective form of termite control, and by keeping a close eye on the situation, you can nip the problem in the bud, so to speak.

Keep your eyes open for burrowing and the characteristic dirty patches, which would be a clear sign of termites. Also, look for any damage to the structure of your home. If you notice any signs of a problem, you should instantly contact a specialist pest control agency, or alternatively take instant measures to try to resolve the problem yourself.

A good way to prevent termites is, of course, to build your house from termite resistant materials, such as pressure treated wood, concrete, eastern red cedar, masonry, or steel. This option might not be available to everyone, and if you're moving in to a property which is already timber-framed, you'll have to take a different approach.

The Second Prong is Cure

Once you've established that you have a termite problem, there are measures you can take to solve the problem yourself, without the need for professional help. Of course, if you feel the problem is getting out of hand, you would be recommended to get some professional help. That way, you can take a professional approach to the solution, and benefit from a targeted solution to your pest problem.

If you opt to try to tackle the problem yourself, there are some key termite control measures you should be aware of. You can buy 'DIY' termite control kits online, and at most home stores, which can be effective as far as eradicating small problems is concerned. However, when it gets to a full-blown problem, you're probably best to call in the professionals.

The best method of termite control is, in short, to take a sensible approach. Try to gauge the size of your problem, and where possible, implement the above prevention measures to stop the onset of these awkward pests. By constantly remaining vigilant, you are more likely to spot the problem at source, and have means to effectively control the problem before it gets too out of hand.

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