Termite Treatment Options For Different Termites

They are such tiny little critters yet they can cause so much damage to your property that your home can be eaten right out from beneath you. Termites are pests that must be eradicated without delay. Like an iceberg whose size is only partially evident above the water, a termite problem can be apparent on the surface but you may have little to no idea about the extent of the damage in the structural skeleton of your home.

Various termite treatment options are available to remedy different species of the bugs and how they go about munching through thousands upon thousands of dollars of your biggest investment. Some termite treatment options are DIY but others are best left to the professionals who will guarantee a job well done and return free of charge if the termites are still evident within a certain time frame.

Subterranean Termites

For these under-the-earth pests, a barrier system is the more effective of termite treatment options. A physical barrier is set up between the structural elements of the house and the colony of termites. For an elevated foundation, it is necessary to treat all pier posts and both sides of the walls of the foundations. For concrete slab structures, it is necessary to drill through and inject the appropriate termiticide into the soil beneath.

Another method used to eradicate subterranean termites is baiting although it is not 100% effective for all applications. From time to time it may be necessary to combine baiting with conventional remedies. Baiting involves monitoring stations composed of cellulose around the edges of the building.

After 3 to 4 weeks, the baits are inspected in order to get a clear picture of where the colonies are most prolific. The monitoring stations are then substituted with stations containing treatment.

The termites will transport the bait to the colony and eradicate the population. Baiting is one of the longer term termite treatment options, in that it can take several months and up to a couple of years to bring satisfactory results.

Drywood Termites and Beetles

One of the most effective and widely used termite treatment options for drywood termites and wood boring beetles is fumigation. It is advantageous in that it can reach areas that would be inaccessible to other methods but it can be a less popular choice among consumers because of the health risks it poses to humans and pets.

The home will have to be vacated for between 3 days and a week and all people, plants, food and animals will not be allowed back in until given the all clear. The building will be sealed with a tarpaulin and toxic chemicals will be emitted into the structure.

Alternatively, an increasingly popular Electro Gun can be employed to take equally proactive but less toxic measures against the pests. Consumers trying to decide which termite treatment options to consider will often choose the Electro Gun because it inconveniences them far less and offers less in terms of health risks to the family. It has also proven to be 98% effective in eradicating drywood termites, statistics that will surely please.

There are a number of do-it-yourself termite treatment options that are effective and fairly easy to use. It is best,, however that you leave the job to the professionals if you are at all unsure as to the extent of the damage, how to carry out the treatments or how to maintain the health and safety of your family while doing so. As with any problem, the best treatment of all is prevention and if you are about to buy a home, do not sign any paperwork until a professional inspection has been carried out and the property is certified termite-free.