Types of Terracotta Floor Tile

Are you thinking about renovating your kitchen or patio area? In most of the western world, we are experiencing a newfound freedom to travel to different areas of the world and to be exposed to all kinds of exotic cultures that previously we may only have read about in books and magazines.

With increased travel and exposure to other ways of life, come new ideas for home decoration. One very attractive feature of homes in the Mediterranean, Spain and Mexico is the popular Terracotta floor tiling that they use throughout their homes.

Terracotta floor tiles are popular in these regions because this type of flooring is extremely strong and durable. It is easy to maintain and it can literally last beyond the lifespan of the home owners themselves. You may have traveled recently and seen this extremely attractive floor design in places you visited. You may have also wondered to yourself whether you would be able to transport such a simple, attractive design idea to your home here in the West. The answer to your question is yes, you can.

Themed Design Options

If you are the type of person that likes to create a themed look in your home or in certain rooms of your home, Terracotta floor tiles are definitely the tile to go for if you are hoping to achieve a rustic look. When used in the patio or conservatory area of your home, you will almost feel transported to Mexico on a bright sunny day.

When you place terracotta tiling in your home, you can be really creative with your design. You can go all the way with a very rustic look or you can choose to contrast the Terracotta tiling with another look to create a strongly dynamic design that is striking.

More and more specialist floor companies are offering Terracotta floor tiles in their retail shops. Terracotta tiles can range from authentic, imported tiles to imitation, domestic Terracotta.

Budget affects everything when it comes to home decoration and in this instance, your budget will most likely determine the type of Terracotta tiling that you choose for your home. When you shop, ask lots of questions. Where does the tile come from? How was it made? Is it imported or made domestically?

Terracotta floor tiling is imported from all over the world from places like Mexico, Spain, Asia, etc. You will need to search for a color and a finish that you like and that suits the idea that you have for its use. Terracotta tiling comes in all types of finish.

Terracotta Finish Types

The popular finished for Terracotta floor tiles are: rustic, chiseled and polished. They are also usually defined as handmade and non-handmade as well. If you have a specific finish or coloring that you are looking for that you are not managing to find in your local shops, you may have to widen your search. Fortunately, this is made considerably easier with the Internet where you can find photos of various finishes and of various colors and designs for Terracotta tiling.

Not all retailers sell Terracotta floor tiling as it is still quite newly fashionable. Hopefully, you will be able to find a retailer near to you that sells the type of Terracotta tile that you are looking for. If you are insisting on a specific design, worse come to worst, you can try having it imported yourself via a foreign web site.

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