Thatch Aerator

Our lawns are very important to the look of our homes and the value of our property. Maintaining a healthy lawn is very important. One problem that arises during the year for lawns is the development of a layer of thatch on the lawn. Utilizing a thatch aerator is important to maintaining and keeping a healthy lawn.

What is thatch?

You may be asking what exactly thatch is. Lawn thatch is a layer between the nice green lawn that you see and the actual dirt on the ground. This layer is made up of old grass clippings, crushed leaves, exposed roots and dead turf grass. The majority of us never really notice the thatch areas of the yard but nonetheless they are present.

What is aeration?

To understand the importance of using a thatch aerator it is also important to understand what aeration is. Aeration is putting air or oxygen back into the something, this case being your lawn.

Plants need good aeration in order to have a healthy root system and thrive. The best way to do this is to place small holes in the soil and to turn part of the soil.

Advantages to Lawn Aeration

One of the biggest advantages to lawn aeration is to loosen the soil to make it easier for grass roots to spread and maintain a healthy root system. Soil becomes compact from walking on it, animals in the yard, rain and general settling.

Aeration decreases the compactness of the soil making it much richer for all the plants in your yard and not just the actual lawn itself. This will allow fertilizer and water to penetrate more deeply into the soil and get to more of the root system.

Thatch Aerator Advantage

A thatch aerator is specifically designed to loosen the soil in the thatch area and to break up the thatch. Part of the thatch is then deposited back into the soil. All of this is done without destroying the lawn area and ruining the yard.

If you do not thatch aerate yearly, your thatch area will become thicker and thicker. A thick thatch layer will result in your grass dying much faster. Water and fertilizer will not be able to penetrate the soil layer underneath the thatch. Additionally, the roots of the grass will become chocked out of nutrients from the thatch layer.

When to Thatch Aerate

It is best to use a thatch aerator at two different times of the year depending on the climate that you live in. In warmer climates, you should rent a thatch aerator after all chance of freeze and frozen moistures (snow, sleet and ice) have passed.

In cooler climates, it is best to rent a thatch aerator during just as the fall season begins. You will want to completely thatch aerate the entire yard.

For yards that receive a heavy amount of traffic or rain, it is often necessary to rent a thatch aerator twice a year. The second use of the aerator can be strictly for the areas of the lawn that are compact from the traffic instead of having to do the entire yard.