Thin Set for Travertine

Travertine is a beautiful tiling for the home. It is excellent in hallways, living rooms and bathrooms. It is important that when completing a tiling project that you use a thin set for travertine to ensure the highest quality laying down the tiles as possible. Below are some tips for better understanding thin set mortar for travertine.

What is Thin Set?

Some people may wonder what exactly thin set is and how it is used. Thin set is a mortar material that is used for setting stones, tiles and other materials.

It is much thinner than typical mortar compounds and holds extremely well. Thin set is the most popular compound that is used to lay down travertine tiling.

Preparing the Floor Surface

The first step in your project to use thin set for travertine tiles is to clean the area well. You need to make sure that the floor material is both clean and even.

You do not ever want to lay any kind of tile on uneven flooring. The flaws in the floor will result in dips in the tiling project and look awful.

Placing Thin Set on Floor Surface

Next, you are going to select an area that can be completed in approximately half an hour. You do not apply thin set over the entire floor because it will begin to dry before you reach the end of your travertine project. Select a section that you feel comfortable with completing in the time frame. If you get done sooner, you can always begin the next section of the project.

Mark off your section that you will be working on. Re-check the area for any flaws in the flooring. Apply a layer of thin set for travertine in a circular motion with your trowel. Go over the entire section with the thin set. Using a notched trowel even the thin set and make shallow grooves in the mortar base.

Checking for and Repairing Flaws

Once the thin set has been placed on the floor, double-check the area to be sure that there are no areas where the thin set has lifted or bubbled. If there are flaws, apply more thin set in a circular motion and groove the area once again. After you repair any flaws, use a level tool to make certain that the floor is still level.

Placing the Travertine Tiles

Now the area is ready for you to set the travertine tiles. One by one place the tiles next to one another over the mortar bed. Work quickly and efficiently to complete the setting in the thirty minute time frame set for the area.

Press the tiles down with the palm of your hand and wipe off any excess thin set for travertine. This will ensure that you have less clean up later and that the tiles remain even and level for the project.

Curing Time

One mistake that many people who are new to tiling projects make is to omit curing time for the thin set for travertine. It is imperative that you allow the tiling job to set for a minimum of 12 hours prior to applying grout or sealant.

You do not want any traffic or anything on the tiling project until the curing time has completed. Once it has cured you are ready to finish your travertine tiling project.