Thompson Water Seal

Thompson's Company was started back in 1929 in the town of Hollister, California. The owner of the company was Edward Addis Thompson who worked as a polymer chemist. He invented a product designed to protect buildings from external water damage. This product later led to the creation of Thompson's® Water Seal® Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer. Initially this product was used by architecture and construction companies for concrete exteriors.

Later developed was Thompson's® Water Seal® and the deck protection category of products was born. It is now the dominating leader in the exterior waterproofing

Waterproofing Products

Thompson's® Water Seal® waterproofers are designed to protect your wood and concrete surfaces from outside elements and to achieve the best level of waterproof protection on the market today. You can choose from a wide array of products which include the multi-surface product for your brick, wood, or concrete or just the popular wood protector formula.

Wood protecting products will provide the additional benefit of an application that will resist both mildew and Ultraviolet damage. This will help to maintain your wood's natural color and the tinted wood protection products will add pleasing color without minimizing the wood’s natural grain. Their waterproofing products are available in a wide assortment of durable finishes: clear or natural and five different colors.

Exterior Wood Stains

If you would like to add more color to your deck while still protecting it against water and nature’s elements, why not choose one of over one hundred semi-transparent and solid tones of Thompson's® Water Seal™ Deck & House stains. These intriguing fade-resistant stains are can be found in a new premium Latex formula as well as the traditional Oil formula.

If you have a small exterior wood projects, use Thompson's® Water Seal™ No Drip Exterior Gel Stain which offers the identical protection with the ease of application which is found in a gel formula.

Where to Use Thompson Water Seal?

You can use this product on any outdoor wood or concrete surface – it is especially formulated to protect the investment in your home. Common applications are decks, wooden walkways, hot tub surrounds, and gazebos; even your cedar wood siding.

These fine products can be rolled, brushed or in some cases, sprayed; whatever is easier for you.

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