Tiffany Lamps

Place a Tiffany lamp in a living or family room and watch your guests' face light up with delight. A Tiffany lamp, even after all these years, represents beauty and quality in decor.

Tiffany lamps are so named after their original designer, Louis Tiffany. Even today, Louis Tiffany's family operates Tiffany & Co., a world renowned purveyor of fine jewelry and other luxury items. Louis Tiffany, an artist, made the first Tiffany lamp in the late 1890s.

Stained Glass

The design of the lamp came from Tiffany's interest in using stained glass as a design element. He began by making stained glass windows for churches and expanded into creating nature scenes within the glass to make it appear as if there were plant forms within the windows. This interest in light reflections in stained glass led Tiffany to make his first Tiffany lamp and put it on display in 1899.

A new frenzy in lampshades was born and more than 100 years later, our interest and passion for Tiffany lamps is undeterred. Thanks to many companies who specialize in creating replica Tiffany lamps, many people can afford to add a high-quality replica Tiffany lamp to their homes. These lamps look particularly at home in period homes like Craftsman style homes or Victorian homes but replica Tiffany lamps can be found in even the most modern of homes.

Where to Buy

Shop around and you can find a wide variety of lamp sizes in a wide variety of prices. A small bedside Tiffany lamp might give your bedroom the charm of yesteryear for as little as $39.99 ( This simple lamp in the mission style can bring the Tiffany lamp style home at a more than affordable price.

For a larger lamp, prices range from $150 to hundreds of dollars. Prices are determined not only by the size of the lamp, but the style. Many bases are quite intricate, while others are simple. The Tiffany lampshades can be a simple or intricate floral or can be very simple opaque glass with some slight design within the shade.

Visit for a wide variety of Tiffany lamp styles. Some dismiss the floral look altogether in favor of other motifs, like the "autumn leaf" lamp available there for $249.

Authentic Tiffany lamps can still be found, for a price. Visit for a look at an authentic Tiffany Arabian lamp, with a price of more than $9,000.

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