Tile Bird Bath

If you are looking for a great addition to your lawn and garden area, you may want to consider a tile bird bath. This is a wonderful feature for any lawn and can be made even more spectacular with a little imagination and creativity.

Some of the most beautiful bird baths that I have ever seen have been made with mosaic tiles. They will suit almost any taste and décor while remaining a great conversation piece for friends and family who visit and enjoy your outdoor sanctuary.

A bird bath can be made of virtually anything that you have the creativity and imagination to think to use. You can easily create a lovely pattern for your mosaic tile then all you need to do is find the proper surface upon which to craft your bird bath and add your artwork. Of course you do not have to make your own bird bath. There are many places where you can purchase a tile bird bath or any other kind that suits your fancy.

Things to Consider

Creating a sanctuary for birds in your back yard is fairly easy to accomplish. You need a few bird feeders that hold a consistent supply of food, some low lying trees and shrubs where birds can safely perch and a birdbath where they can drink water and safely play. While the bird bath can take on many shapes and sizes and there are no definitive rules of what a bird bath can and cannot be, there are also some things you should carefully consider when making your own tile bird bath.

First of all, no matter what kind of design you choose, there needs to be a lip or a bridge of some sort where birds can safely land in order to drink and play. There are many options for providing a safe spot for the bird to light some of which include making the bath very shallow so that the bird can rest in the water.

Other recommendations for this include adding stones that are high enough within the water in order to provide a good landing pad for your feathered friends. These can both be easily accomplished with a tile bird bath and neither would require a huge amount of compromise for most designs.

You might also want to consider the safety and confidence of the birds as well when deciding on the locations of your tile bird bath. After going to the great effort of creating a lovely place for them to bathe, drink, and play you would probably appreciate the opportunity to enjoy watching them do so.

Placing the bird bath in a location that is safe from predators and allows them the comfort of nearby trees or bird houses in which to retreat should predators approach is a great way to insure this occurs.

Why a Tile Bird Bath?

Bird baths are a matter of taste, like many things in life. We all have different styles of decorating and different ways of looking at the world. While bird baths are designed as a safe place for birds to frolic and play they are essentially a choice made by the home owner and for the ultimate pleasure of the homeowner. As such a tile bird bath may be just the thing to reflect your style as the homeowner and bird lover.

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