Ceramic Tile Shower Floors

Ceramic tile shower floors look great and are functional and versatile. This type of floor in the shower space does not require special cleaning or maintenance products and special activities. Ceramic tile shower floor is not so difficult to install and may have a great decorative role. You will like your new look of the shower floor and the beauty of the ceramic tile you have chosen especially for this purpose.

How Can I Install Them

Before having a ceramic tile shower floor, you should install a shower pan, which is a waterproof membrane capable of holding water. The center of this membrane is cut out for draining. Before installing ceramic tile in the shower as a floor, a special mortar bed should be made. With the help of an adhesive, the membrane is secured to this mortar bed. Another layer of mortar is laid over the membrane and it is sloped down to the drain.

Types of Adhesive

There are many types of available adhesives for all types of purposes and you can find them in the professional stores or in different DIY stores. It is important to choose a brand that is reliable and trustful, having a major tile organizations seal on the back. This is the most important guarantee that the product is of good quality.

For ceramic tile shower floors, you should use the adhesive you are used with, especially if you do not have much experience in this field. The professional adhesives are usually difficult to work with. Besides, the tile manufacturers recommend a special type of adhesive. Moreover, you may choose gray adhesive in the case you intend to use dark colored grout. In the case you want to use grout of a lighter color, you should choose white adhesive.


There are many types of grouts, but the most important aspect that differentiates them is the color. For this project that regards the ceramic tile shower floors, you should use regular grout; latex/portland cement grout or portland based grout. There is another type of grout, epoxy grout, which is stain-proof and provides better results. Nevertheless, this type of grout is more expensive and may not be worth the money, especially for a small project like this one.

Do I Need a Waterproof Membrane

The waterproof membrane has a great role in the installation of ceramic tile in the shower floors, it stops the moisture seeping up through floors and damaging the floors. The installation of such a waterproof membrane over the sub floor of the shower floor is more than necessary. In the case you use a cement backer board, the same type of membrane should be installed under it.

These are the most important aspects that regard the ceramic tile shower floors. You may take into account the observations about the waterproof membrane, about the grout and about the necessary adhesives fro this project.

You may choose the most suitable type and style of ceramic tile for this matter, taking into account the relevant aspects of your bathroom. The next steps after having the job done are concerned with enjoying the pleasant moments spent in the shower cabin, while having great ceramic tile of good quality and appealing appearance.