Ceramic Tile

Tools for Cutting Tiles

Masonry Saw Tile CuttingWith a seemingly endless choice of tools required to do a tiling job, deciding exactly which tools you need for cutting the tiles can be quite confusing. The picture to the right shows an industrial masonry saw used for cutting asphalt roadway. The tile cutting tools you can buy and are likely to need for cutting ceramic or stone wall or floor tiles are somewhat more compact and affordable.

Choosing a Tile Cutter

Tiles for Basement Floors

Fixing up a basement floor is often one of the most overlooked areas of the home, simply because it seems like too involved a project for the weekend warrior. Fortunately, with a little bit of elbow grease and some patience, installing tiles for basement floors doesn’t have to be dreaded. You can easily turn your dingy, dark basement flooring into a brightened and comfortable living space.

First Steps for Tile Installation

Hardibacker Board

Before you place down tiles anywhere in your home, your might want to consider using a good underlay to protect them from moisture and potential shifting – and hardibacker board is just the thing that can do this. It’s easy to cut and install, and can even be used on walls – it sticks hard to your desired surface, ensuing that you don’t have to worry about the flooring or wall tiles moving around.

Before You Get Started

Wall Preparation for Tile Installation

A fully tiled wall can look beautiful but that beauty can be spoilt unless a lot of thought has gone into the project you are about to undertake and you have considered wall preparation for tile installation. Correct preparation of the actual surface you are going to be tiling is the key to a beautiful tiled wall, without it you will end up with an uneven surface and tiles that do not lay flat on the wall and look out of place giving a warped effect.

Shower Tiling

Have you ever considered how many hours you spend each week in your shower? How many hours do other people in the family spend in the shower each week? The shower is a very used place in the home and is of great importance. Shower tiling can make all the difference in your showering experience. Considering how many hours a week are spent just in a shower, it is important to consider shower tiling for this area of your home.

Preparing Tiling Surface