Ceramic Tile

Bathroom Tile Renovations

Just like that ghastly bright orange and yellow floral wallpaper in the dining room, those green or brown mosaic tiles in the bathroom can be just as disturbing as the New Years Day hangover that happens when there is no aspirin in the house. Bathroom tile renovations are particularly called for when you want to bring the facility out of its tragic time warp and into the present day, or the tiles are just way past revival and need replacing as part of your bathroom remodeling. With some careful planning and clever advice, your bathroom tile renovations need not be the headache you expect.


Installing Ceramic Tile

Do not let the thought of installing ceramic tile prevent you from resurfacing your floor! You can do this yourself and save a bundle while getting a floor you will be proud of for years. Here are some tips to help you along.

The first step in installing ceramic

    Making sure the subflooring is adequately prepared. It must be flat, smooth, and free from any waxy or oily residues. Sometimes if these conditions just cannot be remedied by any other means, you may need to lay cement backerboard for the ceramic tile to be able to adhere to properly.

The second step

Ceramic Tile Countertop Installing

Looking to replace laminate or some other surface with a ceramic tile countertop? If so, read on to find step-by-step instructions on how put a gorgeous ceramic tile countertop in your kitchen all by yourself for a fraction of what a professional would charge.

To get your surface ready for a new ceramic tile countertop, first remove the existing one. Take off all the old trim and remove any screws. Lay the ceramic tiles out on the floor or other large, flat surface to the dimensions you are wanting, then transfer those dimensions to a ¾ inch thick plywood board by drawing an outline in pencil. Use a circular saw to cut out your new base.

Ceramic Tile Ideas

Have you fallen in love with ceramic tile and now look for ceramic tile ideas to dress up your home and garden areas? Well, the secret to great ceramic tile ideas involves simplicity in design and a light touch on the use of colors.

Everyone knows about ceramic tile ideas that encompass covering walls, floor, and countertops. But often the results turn out boring because the single-colored or patterned tiles have been laid straight across the surface in question with no thought to design. But have you thought about mixing up the look with listellos, trim, and other colors of tile?

Creating Clay Ceramic Tiles

Clay ceramic tiles have been used for centuries to decorate homes. Artisans learning the technique sometimes apprentice for as long as eight years to learn the many intricacies of creating clay ceramic tiles. These techniques include learning about different types of clay, glaze colorings, and the methods of firing in a kiln. The purely artistic ability of painting a design presents only one aspect of producing high-quality clay ceramic tiles.