Ceramic Tile

Tools for Tile Removal

Tile removal can be a tough job if you do not have the right tools for the job. Tools for tile removal make the job easier for you. Having the right tools is the best way to remove the tile without damaging the floor underneath. Additionally, the entire process will go much faster if you are properly equipped. Before you know it, you will be ready to put down new flooring after the tile is all removed.

Ergonomic Design

Installing Floor Tile Backer Board

When you decide to lay tile in your home, installing floor tile backer board is important. Through installing floor tile backer board, you set up your tiling project to turn out beautifully. Not only that but it will last a great deal longer than if you skip this part of the installation process. There are several important steps for installing floor tile backer board that are good to keep in mind.

What is Bullnose Tile

Bullnose tile is a specific type of tile most commonly used in bathrooms. It is designed primarily for the use in bathrooms and shower stalls in the home. Many people see bullnose tile on a daily basis but are not even aware of it. This is because the bullnose tile blends in so well to the bathroom. However, bullnose tile can be used in other areas of the home such as the kitchen or other tiled walled areas.

Patterns for Laying Ceramic Tile

 Patterns for Laying Ceramic TileBefore you begin the installation of your ceramic tile, you’ll want to lay out the pattern on the floor to ensure that everything is organized how you want it. But how can you determine which pattern you want to achieve?

And what do you do when you want your patterns for laying ceramic tile to stay realistic and timeless, but also give the appearance of creativity and uniqueness? Here are a number of solutions for laying ceramic tile patterns, and keep in mind that you can alternate colors and tile glazes as you lay them out to create some incredible designs.

Simple Square Tile Patterns

Tiling a New Shower

A wonderful home improvement is tiling a new shower. Tile in a new shower makes it look extremely nice and fairly easy for clean-ups later. It will give you great joy to shower daily in your new shower knowing that you were the one to lay all of the tile for the project.

Tiling Wall Tip

It is important the tiling wall be free of debris, nails and uneven surfaces. The easiest method to insure this is to hang waterproof sheet rock on the studs and wall area.

This will ensure that the tiles are even and there are no flaws in the wall area. Many flaws are not noticeable until after the tiling has been completed.

Chalking the Wall Tip