Ceramic Tile

Hardibacker Tile Installation

”Hardibacker has become the backing of choice for ceramic tile jobs in the past few years. This is true for walls and for floors that have a wood subflooring. This article will help you understand how to easily and successfully complete a hardibacker tile installation project in your kitchen or bathroom.

Hardibacker is a member of the Hardie family of construction materials which includes siding, facia boards, and trim. This material is cement-like in nature and is strong and virtually unaffected by nature.

Tools That You Will Need

    – Table saw or circular saw with blade to cut cement board

Tile Wall Preparation

Every once and awhile, as you live in your existing home, you may feel the need to install some new tile on a wall. Correct tile wall preparation will determine how strong the new tile will be. The old cliche, why take time to do something a second time when you can take time to do it right the first time, should always apply. Cutting corners on tile wall preparation could increase the need to repair or redo the job again in the future.

For Existing Walls

Laying Fireplace Tiles

Few household projects are easier than laying fireplace tile. You need a plan, the right tools, and a little creativity. Not to over-simplify the process, there is work involved and it is more than just adhesive, tile, grout, and repeat. There are a few tricks to laying fireplace tile that help the job be easy.

Planning and Measuring

Plan and plot your layout first. Nothing is worse than putting down tile and realizing that the pieces don’t fit properly at the end. You can plot your outline by either dry-fitting the tiles on the hearth, by using a chalk line to mark out your grid pattern, or by using a story stick.

How to Maintain Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile requires very little maintenance, which is what attracts many homeowners to use it. If you follow a few of these Do’s and Don’ts your ceramic tile can keep is shiny and smooth look for many years to come.


    • In very soiled areas use a cleaner that is made specifically for ceramic tile.

• Clean tile with a damp sponge. (A very small amount of soap less detergent in warm water only)

• In the event you do use a cleaner make sure it is non-acidic, non-alkaline and a neutral base.

Ceramic Tile Accessories

Ceramic tile is a wonderful low maintenance addition to any household. Whether installing or maintaining ceramic tile there are some specific tools you will need.

When you are working with ceramic tile you will need to make sure you are prepared. For install of ceramic tile you will need:

    • Carpenter Square (this is used as a straight edge squaring tool)
    • Level (this will help you make a level work area)
    • Tape Measure (use to make precise measurements)
    • Notch Trowel (to spread the adhesive