Ceramic Tile

Install Tile around a Toilet

Installing tiles in a bathroom remains as popular as ever. It not only provides good looks and helps in cleaning surfaces, but tiles provide better stability also. Ceramic tiles have a reputation for versatility and durability, with installation best left to specialists.

But these days, fitting tiles has become a job taken on by many do it yourselfers, with all the info online, books and reference manuals from product suppliers. One area of installing tiles which is a potential problem for all who want to do everything themselves is how to install tile around toilet.
Tools required and Methodology

Installing Bathroom Tile

Installing bathroom tile is not a difficult job but just needs an eye towards detail and accuracy in order to get a professional result. The tools you will need are: a tape measure, a tile saw (some will tell you that you can get by cheaper just using tile nippers but you will not get a professional result otherwise), a tile hole cutting bit(s) of the dimension(s) you need, a drill for the bit, a grouting sponge, a mastic or mortar trowel, and tile spacers if you are not using sheet tiles.


Mildew in Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is a good-looking, durable option for home flooring, and with regular care, it should last homeowners a remarkably long time. It’s very easy to maintain, however problems arise when moisture manages to seep into the tiling, allowing mold and mildew to grow in and around your tiling job. Fortunately, you don’t need to remove your entire floor to fix this problem – mildew in ceramic tile can easily be fixed with some persistence.

However, once you’ve done this at least on one occasion, you’ll probably agree that the best option from now on is: sweep once or more a week, and do a thorough floor cleaning once or twice a month.

Removing Mold and Mildew

Grout Haze Remover

You walk into your bathroom and notice some discoloration in your tile grout. This discoloration is due to the porous nature of grout. Tile grout is mostly made from Portland cement, sand and coloring. This combination allows for tiny holes to develop. As with any hole, it has a tendency to be filled. Dirt and grime collect in these tiny holes over time if a grout is not sealed when it is applied. This dirt discoloration is called grout haze.

Aqua Mix Tile Sealer

Floors are expensive things. Whether you lay carpet, install hardwood planks or have stunning granite or stone put down, floors make up a huge part of the investment that is your home. The last thing you want is to see your precious investment covered in stains and to have difficulty cleaning it.

Stone and tile must have a mandatory treatment with a tile sealer to ensure they remain as pristine as possible for the long term.

Aqua Mix tile sealer is a premium product that provides maximum protection against stains on stone, tile and grout. It gives a no-sheen, natural looking result and is a water-based sealer that penetrates the surface giving it long-term protection from a range of stains.