Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile Tub Surround

Gone are the days of limited choices for your ceramic tile tub surround. We don’t just want to get clean in the bath, we want to enjoy the whole experience of it. Having a beautiful bathroom is as much about the tile and the bath tub as the color of the towels you hang or the view from the window. Think outside the square and go crazy with color, murals and mosaics.

Instead of relenting and choosing boring monochrome colors for your bathroom, think in terms of the range of tile accessories that are available to us nowadays. Visit any tile showroom and you’ll see magical displays of wall and floor tiles that you may not have known existed. You can have your very own bathroom mural if you want!

Cutting Holes in Tiles

cutting holes in tiles for bathroomInstalling tiles can sometimes involve having to work around pipes, ducts and other floor or wall penetrations that necessitate cutting holes in tiles. At first this might seem simple, but there are a few different techniques for this, depending on the hole size and shape and type of tile.

It you just need a small hole going through ceramic or porcelain tile, it’s pretty straightforward. It is easy to drill holes up to about ½ inch diameter through glazed ceramic tile or porcelain, using a carbide-tipped or diamond-tip masonry drill-bit.

Laying Tile over Plastic Laminate in 3 Steps

If you are tired of that beat up, scratched up, badly stained laminate countertop, then you may want to consider laying tile over the plastic laminate. If you have laminated flooring that is bubbling, peeling, and cracking, then solid floor tiles might be the answer for you. You can, if you are willing to put in the preparation time, install tiles right over existing laminate surfaces. The key to success in these ventures is the preparation process.

Remove Loose Tiles

Dry Set vs. Latex Tile Mortars

When you are choosing building supplies, it’s great to have choices. The ability to scan the features and benefits of individual products gives you the opportunity to select a product that will be the best fit for your project. This is certainly true with tile mortars.

When comparing dry set vs. latex tile mortars, you will quickly see that, while dry set has its place, the advanced bonding properties of the polymers that make up latex tile mortars make is a very valuable addition to the marketplace.


Removing Ceramic Tile Adhesive

When it comes to retiling your bathroom walls, it is no easy task to get the old tiles off. If you have ever tried it, you will know that it can be extremely hard work and take hours to do the job properly. It can also be extremely frustrated when stubborn ceramic tile adhesive refuses to budge, but there are a few tricks of the trade that you can try to remove ceramic tile adhesive.

Before you remove ceramic tile adhesive, always wear the correct safety equipment. Gloves and goggles are a must because you will either have to use brute force or chemicals, or even a combination of both. You can put no price on your own safety, so make sure that you are well protected.

The Physical Approach