Ceramic Tile

Cleaning Ceramic Floor Tile

Laying ceramic floor tiles is extremely popular in homes all across America. For good looks, easy cleaning and choice of styles, there are few alternatives that beat it. It’s pretty low maintenance, meaning that a quick mop over does the trick under usual circumstances when all you want to do is give the floor a once-over because company is coming over.

But then there are spills, spring cleaning bouts, worse-for-wear grout and the need to feel like your home is wonderfully hygienic. Cleaning ceramic floor tile is not usually too much of a chore but there are some different things to keep in mind to ensure it stays in excellent condition, and without you having to get out the gas masks!

Grout lets you down every time

Matching Ceramic Tile

The amazing number of patterns, styles, and sizes as well as the well-known strength and durability of ceramic tile makes it a great choice for flooring, countertops, and bathtub surrounds. Occasionally, however, accidents happen and you will find yourself with one or more cracked or chipped ceramic tiles. Matching them may become a source for major stress, unless you take some practical steps to get around such a problem.

First, Try to Match It

How to Lay Ceramic Tile Step By Step

1. To begin the layout of the tile, snap a chalk line from the center of the main entrance (doorway) into the room all the way to the facing, opposite wall. Use a square to ensure the line is perpendicular to the entrance or doorway.

2. To get ready for laying the tile, take off all baseboard along the floor.

Regrouting Ceramic Floor Tile

Regrouting ceramic floor tile isn't the cumbersome chore you may believe it to be. As far as home improvement projects go, this is one of the easier projects for a novice to undertake. At the very least, it is much more feasible for the beginner than laying an all-together new ceramic tile floor.

Before you make the decision to regrout, your floor, you may want to see if simply bleaching the existing grout might be a viable option. This is not always the case but the time and labor it saves makes it well worth considering.

The Basics

Cleaning Ceramic Tile Made Easy

If you have made the investment in beautiful ceramic tiles, I am fairly certain that you will want to take the necessary steps in protecting them from damage. One way you might be surprised to find out that you can protect them is by changing how you view cleaning ceramic tiles.

Most people simply use their traditional household cleaner or mopping solution. The problem is that the traditional cleaning solutions are often quite acidic. This is not a good combination when it comes to the protection of your ceramic tiles.