Ceramic Hand Painted Tile

Ceramic hand painted tile has many applications. As a mural, fireplace mantel decor, an elegant touch in a kitchen backsplash or bathtub surround, or simply framed and placed on a table, ceramic hand painted tile always makes a pleasing visual impact.

When purchasing ceramic hand painted tile, always make sure you're getting the real thing. Each tile should be individually crafted, painted by hand and then fired at a high temperature. If possible, ask to see several tiles bearing the same design or pattern. There should be at least minute differences apparent with the naked eye.

Tiles made using decals and then overstroked with a brush may appear to be hand painted, but you will notice that each tile will be exactly and unnaturally identical. If you are purchasing a decal-ornamented tile, the price also should be considerably lower than authentic, ceramic hand painted tile.

Many artisans that offer ceramic hand painted tile feature custom work. Most of them provide standard tile with designs they've created and that they offer at set prices. But if your plans entail a specialized design or color, a good artisan can incorporate your ideas into a pleasing ceramic hand painted tile you'll be proud to display. But be prepared to pay quite a bit more for custom-created tiles. Talented artisans charge $60 an hour and more for making ceramic hand painted tile just for you!

Because of the expense of ceramic hand painted tile, most people use a background for large projects consisting of plain-colored tile and use the hand painted ones as accents. For instance, if you were creating a backsplash for your kitchen sink area, you might consider using plain, solid-colored tiles with the use ceramic hand painted tile in three or four pieces to highlight it.

Ceramic hand painted tile can make the difference between boring and exciting in nearly any room of your home. Just go online and take a look at what's out there, and you're sure to agree. So take the leap and go for it! Your next home-makeover project may very well be the one that puts ceramic hand painted tile where it deserves to be the focal point of your well-decorated home.

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