Tiling a New Shower

A wonderful home improvement is tiling a new shower. Tile in a new shower makes it look extremely nice and fairly easy for clean-ups later. It will give you great joy to shower daily in your new shower knowing that you were the one to lay all of the tile for the project.

Tiling Wall Tip

It is important the tiling wall be free of debris, nails and uneven surfaces. The easiest method to insure this is to hang waterproof sheet rock on the studs and wall area.

This will ensure that the tiles are even and there are no flaws in the wall area. Many flaws are not noticeable until after the tiling has been completed.

Chalking the Wall Tip

Begin with the first wall of the shower. You will want to find its center point. Next, draw a chalk line vertically to divide the wall in half. After you have done this, divide each section into four parts or four squares with chalk lines. These are going to be your guide lines.

Sometimes people skip the chalking wall step but this is imperative to lining your tile correctly on the shower wall. Do not make this mistake, it is almost impossible to correct without ripping out the tiles and starting all over again.

Adhesive Backing Tiles Tip

Most people think that adhesive backing tiles will automatically stay up on the new shower wall. This is not always the case since you have gravity working against you.

In addition to the adhesive it is best to use a removable making tape and tape sections of tile to the wall as you work to make sure none fall and are damaged.

Placing the Shower Tiles

Starting in one of the grid sections you chalked off is the best method for tiling the shower walls. Work your way from the center outward while placing the tile one by one and taping as you go.

Tiling Cement

If you find that the adhesive backing tiles are not staying as well as you would like them to, you can put a thin layer of tiling cement on the wall prior to placing the tile. Make certain to wipe any excess cement off of the area after you have placed the tile.


Once you complete a section, remove the tape and apply grout into the grooves from where the tiles touch one another. Use the back of the grout trowel to make certain that the grout is smooth and even. Using clean, damp rag lightly wipe off each section as you complete it.

Cleaning the Tiles

The tiling in the new shower needs to dry for several hours. Once it has dried, lightly wipe the tiles with a clean, damp rag. Dust with a dry rag. Repeat until the tile are completely clean from grout film or dust.


Using a caulking gun and shower caulk, caulk all the way around the base and the top of the tile. Allow this to dry for 48 hours to make certain that it is set correctly.


The final step to completing your tiling a new shower project is to seal the grout. This will make the grout more water resistant and decrease mold and mildew development in the shower.