Tips for Dark Basements

If you are looking for tips for dark basements, I have a few that might help you brighten your basement living space and make it much more inviting. Basements by their very nature are dark and uninviting. The problem is that most homeowners, when finishing their basements, do not seek tips for dark basements but make the problem worse rather than better with their decorating and design choices.

How do You Make it Lighter and Brighter?

This may seem like a difficult thing but if you follow these tips for dark basements you might find your space has become much lighter and brighter without a massive investment or ripping out walls in order to install more windows. The inherent problem with basements is their location. Most rooms in the home are lit well through the use of windows to allow light in and strategically placed lighting for the night.

Bring Light to the Situation

This first of my tips for dark basements is to lighten up the walls and floors. Choosing ceramic tile flooring in light colors is a great way to lighten the room and add the illusion of space.

You should also get rid of any paneled walls and replace them with drywall in a light color. It does not have to be white, but lighter colors brighten the area and make it feel as if there is more space in the room.

Some people will elect to paint the paneling in order to save money. It is a quick and easy fix even if not the preferred method. Also install lighting strategically throughout the space in order to provide lighting to the corners that are often left in shadow.

So What about Windows?

Windows are a great way to allow light in. Basement windows tend to be small and many of them are the types of windows that actually serve to deflect light rather than to allow light in. Many people recommend the tips for dark basements of adding new windows, replacing old windows, or making the existing windows larger in order to allow more light in.

It is important to keep in mind your privacy wishes when selecting windows however and how you intend to cover them in order to protect your privacy. It makes no sense to go to the expense of installing new windows to brighten the space up if you are only going to cover them with shutters or other dark window treatments that will not allow the light in.

When sifting through the many tips for dark basements, it is important to temper them with the reality. If you are only rarely using your basement during daytime hours, it is unlikely that adding larger windows or more windows will have any impact whatsoever on your enjoyment or the brightness of the space.

Many people have jobs and work during daylight hours, which preclude the use of the basement as a daytime living space. Lighting, wall color, floor color, and even the color you paint your basement ceiling, or the absence of a basement ceiling all have a major impact on the brightness of the space and your enjoyment of that particular space.

While these are not the only tips for dark basements, they will get you off to a great start on the path of lightning up the space and making it a much more enjoyable atmosphere for family gatherings and get togethers.