Tools for Tile Removal

Tile removal can be a tough job if you do not have the right tools for the job. Tools for tile removal make the job easier for you. Having the right tools is the best way to remove the tile without damaging the floor underneath. Additionally, the entire process will go much faster if you are properly equipped. Before you know it, you will be ready to put down new flooring after the tile is all removed.

Ergonomic Design

There are tools for tile removal that have an ergonomic design. These are wonderful for reducing back pain and wrist pain when removing tiling. When you select the equipment for the project, ask the dealer if they have the pieces in ergonomic designs to maximize comfort and minimize potential injuries.

While the price might be a little bit higher for ergonomic design tools, they will help you feel better during and after the project. For example, you can purchase an ergonomically designed chisel or scraper where the handle is contoured to reduce stress on the back when removing tiling.

Power Tools

If your budget can afford it power tools are an excellent option for removing tiling. Tile removal projects are big and take several hours to complete. Power tools will speed up the process and make the project much faster. Handy power tools for tile removal include chisels, scrapers, sanders and floor strippers.

Power tools can be very expensive but they are well worth the investment. When you purchase the equipment try and find a special or store promotion. Additionally, make certain to send in the warranty card information. If you are a homeowner doing tile removal for yourself, you might consider investing with another family member and sharing the equipment to lower the costs.

Convenient Tools

There are some other convenient tools that you will need for tile removal. It is important to wear a mask because of dust that will be in the area as you remove the tiling. Work gloves will save wear and tear on your hands during the project.

In fact it is important to wear safety goggles, long sleeves and long pants to be protected from flying debris and all of the dust. These are important pieces of equipment that many people over-look until there is an accident during the project.

Furniture, walls and the remainder of the area will be covered in dust when removing tile from a room. Ideally, covering should be placed over everything in the room to protect it during the project.

You can use painter drop cloths or even plastic covering to make cleaning up after the project easier. Don’t forget to have a large trash receptacle in the area to put all the debris that will need to be disposed of properly.

Renting Equipment

Renting equipment is an option if you cannot afford the power tools or do not plan on doing future tile removing projects. Many hardware stores, home decoration supply stores and even paint stores have equipment that you can rent specifically for lifting up old tile.

If you shop around you can often find promotions that are being run for equipment rental. Some towns have equipment rental stores that rent all types of equipment. Often, if you rent several of the tools for tile removal the companies will more than likely offer you a discount.