DEWALT DW708 Sliding Compound Miter Saw

As you can see from the pictures, this saw is appealing, and visually well designed. From the cam lock table all the way to the smooth belt drive the DW708 is one refined machine. It is the only compound sliding miter saw on the market with such a tall fence to support your work. If you need to bevel cut, you just turn a knob, and it slides out of the way. The cam lock table design is a big step up over a screw knob type. In fact the entire saw is simple to adjust.

DeWalt DW708 Sliding Compound Miter Saw

The saw bevels 45 degree left or right with ability to bevel up to 48 degrees, and miters 50 degrees to the left, 60 degrees to the right. It has a massive 12 inch sliding range.

The high back fence is perfect for cutting larger crown molding. In fact, the main attraction of the DW708 is being able to cut bigger pieces of wood than any other miter saw, due to the tall fence. Well, that and the power. Hard and soft woods cut cut crisp and smooth, with no bogging down.

It has a horizontal handle that is ergonomically designed to cut down on wrist strain, and it seems to do well at it. Cutting capacity is unbelievable; it cuts a 4x4 in one pass, and even 4x12 lumber single pass, if needed. Have a table saw? This Dewalt cuts 12" shelving in one pass. Bye-bye table saw.

The one thing I didn't like was the weight. It's heavy; not quite as heavy as a table saw, but trying to lift this off the floor sure felt like it. Also the poor placement of the double bevel's alignment marker bugs me. Plus there are no positive stops for the bevel, either, only for cutting angles. Straight angle cuts are always precise, with no adjustments needed out of the box, but throw in a bevel and you have a little problem. Other than that, fine tool from a fine company, with plenty of brute power when you need it.

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