Toro Irrigation

In this era of worldwide conservation of resources everyone is looking for more effective ways to bring water to their yards and gardens for the homeowner and farmer alike; Toro Irrigation Products are there for big jobs and small jobs alike. Using it for Residential or for commercial will not be a problem. There are many types and varieties of Toro irrigation systems available for many applications from the yard to a field and beyond.

Using a Professional

While the rage is do it yourself, it is better sometimes to enlist a professional when installing something that needs the exacting specs to run correctly and efficiently. It may save you money in the long run too; at the bare minimum try and have an expert check on your progress on a Do It Yourself project to save yourself any headaches and more digging up your garden or yard in the future if something does goes wrong (that might have been avoided).

But if you insist on the DIY, here is a brief outline. Presuming this is a homeowner project, you will be doing a lot of digging, and if you like shoveling you will get your fill of it here. Unless you rent a backhoe or happen to own one then the hand digging will be less.

Tips for your Irrigation Project

    • You will need to accurately measure the place you are planning on installing the Toro irrigation system and figure out exactly how many pipes and valves you will need along with all the other equipment.

    • Different requirements and equipment will be required according to land mass and how far apart you are setting the irrigation lines.

    • Then there is the small stone that will be needed to facilitate the water going where it needs to be.

    • After several days of digging and placing the system, and testing it to see if it works (hopefully something that can be done before re covering the pipes).

    • Then you can cover the pipes and level it all out and re seed then wait for your lawn to grow lush and green.

    • Remember to observe the local laws when it comes to water conservation.


With all your hard work it will not take long to see trouble looming down the road, with a Do It Yourself project it may not be very long and you will probably be consulting on it with a professional. Learn as much as you can on the system you chose and how it works. Before undertaking it yourself, see one being installed if you can or maybe get a video to watch from a Do it yourself specialty store or warehouse in your area.

Try and attend a seminar or two if you have the chance could be a step in the right direction. Then once you feel confident enough and know enough; you can tackle this project, go ahead and you should be ok. Then you can have that feeling of completion when the grass is green and everything is working properly and you did it yourself!