Toro SingleStream Sprinkler

Anyone who has had the experience of having to drag around a hose to water their yard knows already the advantages of having an automated sprinkler system. Sprinkler systems, comprised of either rotor or spray heads, make an excellent way of keeping your yard green evenly and efficiently.

For medium to large yards, professionals recommend rotor-type sprinkler heads for a watering system that save both time and water. A number of brands feature the rotor-style type of sprinkler head including Rainbird, Orbit, Hunter, K-Rain, and Toro. One of the most popular is the Toro SingleStream sprinkler.

The Toro Sprinkler Head Family

Toro, a leading manufacturer of outdoor equipment for maintaining residential lawns, commercial landscapes, and golf courses, has been in business since 1914. It features all kinds of equipment made for the homeowner landscape and its sprinkler systems are renowned to be some of the best in the industry.

Toro offers five different types of sprinklers including the Toro SingleStream sprinkler, the SimpleSet, MultiStream, ProStream, and the Universal Impact. Each one serves a particular need for individual yards. And instead of competing directly against other major brands of sprinkler systems, Toro makes rotor heads in its ProStream line to replace or work in conjunction with other brands like Rainbird, K-Rain, Hunter, and Orbit.

Angled-Degree Watering for Every Need

The Toro SingleStream sprinkler is gear-driven and designed to radiate a spray of between 33 and 46 feet, featuring four different models based on the degree angle for which the rotor head is needed. Degree angles offered include 90-, 180-, 360-, and an adjustable model with a 45- to 325-degree spray range.

The 90-degree Toro SingleStream sprinkler has a 1.5 gallons-per-minute (gpm) nozzle, the 180-degree rotor a 3.0 gpm nozzle, and the 360-degree rotors nozzle is rated at 6.0 gpm. The adjustable models gpm is also rated at 3.0. One convenient characteristic of the SingleStream sprinkler system is that no tools are needed to replace or adjust the nozzles, making operation of the system very simple. And because the SingleStream sprinkler heads feature closed-case construction, that and a specialized wiper keeps out debris, which can cause other rotor-type sprinkler heads from sticking or hanging up.

The height of the Toro SingleStream sprinkler head is another benefit to this system. These heads stand three inches off the ground in order to easily clear taller grass and/or other obstacles that might impede shorter sprinkler heads.

How to Purchase

The company Web site ( does not offer Toro SingleStream sprinkler heads, or any other Toro product, for sale online, but does direct customers to their closest retail dealer. By entering your Zip code, you can easily locate a brick-and-mortar retailer for any Toro product, which includes not only sprinkler heads, but also the full line of Toro lawn and garden equipment. So the next time you are considering sprinklers or other equipment, keep the Toro company in mind; they make just what you need for whatever you need in your yard and like the tagline to their logo says, you can count on it.

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