Toto Toilet

The Toto toilet has a reputation for being one of the most innovative toilets around. The Toto toilet is designed and manufactured by Toto, with corporate headquarters in Japan. Those encountering their first Toto toilet are often amazed by its features, including lids and seats that raise automatically when they detect a person nearby. A Toto toilet is also made of high quality materials designed to improve sanitation. Both residential and commercial units are sold.


A Toto toilet can be purchased with elongated or round bowls. You can choose a one-piece Toto toilet, or a two-piece, with the tank and bowl as two separate components. The Toto toilet features different flushing systems. The Cyclone, G-Max, Gravity and Power Gravity flushing systems are all designed to provide a powerful, quiet flush. A special glaze is also used on the Toto toilet for better flushing. The Toto toilet can even be bought with a special soft close seat to prevent the annoying banging noise of a closing toilet.

Special Features

The level of technology in a Toto toilet can boggle the mind of someone used to a simple, traditional toilet. A Toto toilet can be purchased with a seat warmer, a welcome option on a cold winter morning! Who needs scratchy paper? The Toto toilet Washlet function produces a gentle stream of warm water, followed by a warm air dryer, though this option can be shut off.

With the auto seat option, the lid automatically opens as you approach the Toto toilet, then closes and flushes when you walk away. There is also a manual override function. Finally, the automatic air purifier operates after you've stepped away from the Toto toilet. The Toto toilet can be plugged into a standard electrical outlet and these bells and whistles can be controlled with the push of a button from the handheld Toto toilet remote control.

The Toto toilet is sold at locations all over the world. Go to the website to find a Toto toilet dealer near you. You'll also find spec sheets, and information about maintenance, installation requirements and answers to frequently asked questions about the Toto toilet.

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